Not by blood, of course.

But by a shared sense of purpose, a code of ethics.

Emerald Pictures is a global family of filmmakers, photographers, artists and producers - all storytellers - brought together by a shared purpose for bringing ideas to life.

Our collective accomplishments in the industry give us a unique perspective on how we approach an idea.

Our depth of experience has taught us the value of collaboration and uniting around a shared vision for that idea.

So you share your ideas, your challenges, your expectations and your vision. We’ll combine that with our dedication, our skill, our integrity, and, most of all, our love of ideas.

And, together, as a family, we’ll make something beautiful.


Co-Founder / Managing Director

Born into a film family with a writer father and film editor mother, Mara attended film school, then began a career in film and television, before transitioning into the world of advertising.

Mara went on to produce work for some of the world's biggest global brands, including Apple, Facebook and Land Rover, and has served as head of production at kbs+ . A seasoned leader with a strong hybrid of brand, advertising, and television production experience, Mara embraces an ethos of integrity, transparency, and creative ingenuity.


Co-Founder / Managing Director

Hailing from Ireland, John emigrated to the US in his teens, and later began a career in production. After forging his path as a line producer for many of the most iconic music videos of the 90s, he joined Epoch Films where he worked for 17 years - first as head of production, then executive producer. John went on to build Framestore Pictures, a production company under the umbrella of Oscar-winning global company, Framestore.

A defining theme of John's career is his belief in the roster as a dynamic filmmaker community, nurturing up-and-coming talent alongside experienced filmmakers. This hands-on approach supports the creation of the finest creative work and has helped launch the careers of many of the industry's most successful directors.