Kristian Bengtsson is a 70s kid from Falkenberg. He got interested in photography from an early age. And he got damn good at it. But it wasn’t until he went on to start Loyal Magazine, which later became Loyal Gallery, that Kristian began printing his pictures, and quickly realized that the public quite liked them.

Since then he’s worked with clients such as Acne, Carlsberg, Absolut, Our Legacy and Vice, in addition to being featured in several photography books.

While we are big fans of Kristian’s work as a photographer, it was when he applied his special skills to moving images that we got seriously excited. He has a unique and stylized documentary approach that has led him to directing campaigns for clients like Polestar, as well as an award-winning feature length documentary.

What we like about Kristian is that he takes the everyday and handles it with a spectacular simplicity and consideration of characters, colors and space that has most people mesmerised. Some say it’s Swedish voodoo.